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You can speak to our team at 9876978488 for complete details on entire range of Oxygen concentrators (over 10 models available) like 

a. Basic model Starting at 5 L going upto 40 L

b. Easy to operate via Touch Panel

c. Oxygen Level Indicator on LED display

d. Nebuliser function inbuilt

e. High end model with Battery backup

f. Optional - Remote and voice guided system

g. Safety features like Low Oxygen alarm, Oxygen pressure protection, over heated protection


You can also write to us at


An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream. 


Learn all about Oxygen concentrator on our detailed page here.


People due to illness, aging issues, lung related infection or Covid based breathing issues, are adviced by doctors to have assisted breathing by use of Oxygen concentrator. This indeed could be life saver during such period when patient has breathing challenges.


Healhy Jeena Sikho provides a very sturdy solution with following features.



  • Live Oxygen Purity Check Display On Screen
  • 5LPM with Nebulizer option
  • 3 years warranty. Long Sieve Life. very cost effective. No conditional warranty.
  • Very High Purity, Accuracy 93% (+-3), Reaches upto 95%
  • Light Weight with Wheels
  • Low Maintenance
  • Smart Touch panel.
  • Timer option for monitoring.
  • LED Light Screen.
  • Oxygen Purity Number Display.
  • Nebulizer Outlet and accessories.
  • 6 Safety protection System inbuilt.
  • Heavy Humidity Remove Device.
  • USA Technology based processing.
  • Prompt Customer Care.
  • Best After Sale Services.


Other Models

a. Basic 5L Oxygen Concentrator 

b. 5 L Oxygen Concentrator with built-in Nebulizer

c. 5 L Oxygen Concentrator with built-in Nebulizer + Battery Backup

d. 5 L Oxygen Concentrator with High Pressure

e. 10 L Oxygen Concentrator with High Pressure

f.  15L to 40L Oxygen Concentrator with High Pressure


Oxygen Concentrator - 10Litre

₹120,000.00 Regular Price
₹108,000.00Sale Price
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