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Who Are We

We could be defined as professionals, who had had a long run in the corporate world, Lived life fully  and have seen highs and lows of all types.


We have learnt the bitter lessons of all goals versus HEALTH.


After having run many successful businesses across industry types, we are taking plunge in the area of healthcare.


The MOST neglected thing leading to all sorts of problems, which at the very root, could be either delayed or avoided completely with simple changes in lifestyle.

Agreed, Most people have their OWN journey to earn the livelihood and thus, end up leaving this bit of Preventive healthcare and thus leading to complications later on in Life.

Our purpose is both providing preventive healthcare solutions (with an amazing Healthy Living Blog - a very educative Blog) , workspace wellness consultants - for it all seems to start with long office hours, sitting jobs, stressful work environment, solutions around right food choices and going hyperlocal to provide Pure Organic Milk to Natural vegetables at home, which are affordable but also to provide solutions for those who end up having ailments & have restricted mobility, with solutions like affordable assisted living or technically advanced solutions like Motorised Wheel chair , Beds and many other like this on even Pay-as-you-use , easy rental plans.

Meet Our Team




Saket Agarwal

 Life Coach

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Life Coach



Jatinder Verma


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Ved Pal


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The team


Rajan Khosla

President & Strategic Alliances

Rajan has 27 years of varied experience in the field of Business Management, Technology Services and Operations.
He has led large teams in delivering IT Infrastructure, Telecom, Fintech, and Digital Transformation Projects. He has Built and operated Managed Services function, including team building and processes, providing efficient services in domestic and
international geographies.
In the past, he has worked with Progressive Infotech, Zenith Computers, Smartchip and Spice Digital.


Arashmeet Kaur

Product Manager

Published seven papers and two research projects by far. She has experience in the field of research and strategy planning and she has completed her bachelor's in pharmacy, during which she volunteered in numerable events either as a presenter or as a managing head and has exhibited qualities of an exceptional leader by always being committed towards the work assigned.

Arashmeet is a go getter and has zeal for getting into details of every aspect of work entrusted with her.


With this skill set she proves as an helpful addition.

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Ishaan Vohra
Sales Executive

Ishaan is our young and dynamic intern fuelled by his passion for understanding new technologies he works in our sales and marketing team.


He considers himself as a "forever student", eager to both build on his academic foundation in computer science and stay in touch with the latest trend in the IT sector through continuous coursework and professional development. 

Ishaan is a jovial person who is adept at making great connect with people he interacts with.


Shivali Thakur

Digital Marketing

After graduating from college with Bachelor in Computer Science, Shivali got her feet in the world of web designer. she had many academic excellence awards named to her. She believes mindfulness and being true to oneself in the workplace is the key to success. She is bound and determined towards her work which has always helped her reach her goals.

She works with our Web development and Digital marketing team.

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Nishita Agarwal

Digital Marketing

Nishita Agarwal is the founder of Engage Better - a social media agency, she also consults companies and works with coaches and influencers globally. She is an engineer by degree, but always found her passion in helping people integrate social media with their businesses.

You can find here at

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Vedansh Sharma
Digital Marketing

Vedansh is our juvenile intern fuelled by his passion for understanding digital aspects of marketing. He works with our Digital Marketing and Sales team. 
He is ready to roll with the punches and go wherever the day takes him to.
Apart from this, he is passionate about understanding financial markets and psychology.


Love Dhall
Account Executive

Love Dhall has a lot of potential for exploring further in this field. He has done his B.Com Hons. recently from Chitkara University.
Excellent at his work - he also has a passion for playing cricket.

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Sahil Gupta
Sales Executive

An engineer by profession, Sahil has experience in Development Sector, Sales and Marketing.
He's now working in our sales team. His Core values include trust, loyalty, hard work, direct communication and teamwork.

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Manveer Kaur
Sales Executive

Manveer has done Masters in Commerce. Having an year of experience in immigration offices. She's now working in the sales team. She enjoys to spend time in doing innovating things. 

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Pushkar Gupta 

Sales and Purchase Executive

Pushkar has 13 years of experience in the field of Telecom VAS domain, working in Content Operation Department. He was SPOC for Content deployment across all operators for Spice Digital and SPOC for IVR Content production for Spice Digital.


Handling Content Operations for Main services like Mobile Radio Service, Live Aarti Service, Devotional Service, BGM, CRBT and SMS service & Voice Chat Service.


Manage relationship with content partners. It included Content Production, Content Delivery, Database Search, Content Offering Review.

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