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Motorised Recliner Bed on rent

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Price for Motorised Recliner Bed on rent is Rs. 4,000.

A Motorised Recliner Bed makes the best aid to prompt better health. It is true that the advanced movable bed base is no longer limited to hospitals alone. In fact, having an electric recliner bed is sure to improve the sleep cycle. Motorised Recliner Beds promotes an improved patient lifestyle. This further enhances the healing process of several health issues and gives ease to the one in need with a simple remote.

Cost of Motorised Recliner for sale is Rs 23,000. 

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Healthy Jeena Sikho deals in different Hospital Beds, of which, Electric Recliner Bed is the most cost-efficient. Further, we also rent and sell our products. So, grab your phone right away and book a reclining hospital bed for rent to give ease to your loved one.

Today we have stores in:

  • Bathinda : Muktsar, Mansa, Moga, Kotkapura

  • Shimla : Mashobra, Naldera, Chail, Narkanda, Kufri,Theog, Solan 

  • Jalandhar : Phawara, Hoshiarpur, Nakodar, Kartarpur, Beas, Banga

  • Mandi : Mandi, Sundar Nagar, Pandoh, Sarka Ghat,  Kullu

  • Patiala : Rajpura, Nabha, Samana, Fatehgarh Sahib

  • Ludhiana : Ludhiana, Sangrur, Mandi Gobindgarh

  • Noida : Greater Noida, Surajpur, Dadri, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, Faridabad,  Sarita Vihar, Mayur Vihar

  • Yamuna Nagar : Yamuna Nagar, like Jagadhri, Ambala, Kurukshetra

How Motorised Recliner for Bed is  better than Electric Hospital Beds?

Considering the benefits of owning a Motorised recliner bed for home is essential. This is because of the fact that no person can understand the exact pain or health issues a person in bed is facing. Hence, even a single benefit proves the best thing in life for someone who is already suffering from pain.

The Motorised Recliner bed at Healthy Jeena Sikho is sure to provide the given benefits:


You Don't Need Extra Space For the Bed Recliner


India has a peculiar problem. We have bedrooms designed for a double bed with few other stuff space and that leaves very little space for additional bed - like a Hospital bed, when we need to provide comfort to our loved ones with assisted comfort.

Then how does one provide comfort to a loved one who is bedridden and home after a surgery or long into ailment leading to mobility challenges with NO SPACE in the bedroom?

We looked hard at the issue and spoke to many households and our engineering team came out with this brilliant solution!


We created a INNOVATIVE solution which would not require additional space in the Bedroom, yet would allow motorised backrest elevation to the patient.


When considering a recliner for bed, it is sure that there is no need to rearrange your bedroom furniture to fit in a new thing. In fact, the recliner is kept on the bed you are already using. The recliner bed base easily fits on the simple bed and thus, requires no extra space. Coming in individual bed sizes, the same makes no disturbance for anyone sleeping beside the one using it.

It is Low in Cost

Compared with all the motorised hospital beds, the recliner bed is very cost effective. The cost being pocket friendly suits the requirement of people who might have spent lakhs on some treatment/operation. 

Other Key benefits for Patient :

Eases Back Pain

Allowing a Back-rest Elevation allows the back to sleep on a surface that supports the spine. This is possible by alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve. With the surface matching the body’s contouring as close as possible, now it becomes easy for the patient to sleep. Conditions like Sciatica that result from the nerve confined in the spine’s base, can come to ease.

A 45-Degree slant from the head relieves the compression for the lower back and ease the back pain. The angled head also provides a well-supportive platform and hence, prevents neck aches. This also reduces the use of multiple pillows that might lead to serious neck issues in future.


Enhance Blood Circulation


Keeping the body’s circulatory system in prime condition through the night leads to a good sleep. With the aid of a hospital recliner bed for home, the patients can fine-tune sleep positions. This further helps them to reduce pressure allowing for blood to flow to the heart, and body.


Relieve Arthritis and Pain


Chronic arthritis gets a good relief with the use of a recliner bed frame. The mattress of the recliner is placed in a way that the weight does not come on the problem areas. Further allowing a more comfortable rest. This provides relief to the stiff and aching joints. This type of hospital bed can also help with morning stiffness that results from pain issues. The patient can raise the head  to work as an aid to help them rise from the bed with ease.


Enhances the Patient's Lifestyle


It can be quite frustrating for a patient to utilize stacked pillows to sit up in bed to read, work, or eat. Pillows easily shift to cause aching in the back, neck, and shoulders. The electric recliner hospital bed turns the bed into a giant comfy chair. This allows for healthier positioning to promote an enhanced lifestyle while in bed.




Whether age, a disability, illness, or accident, often health can impede on one’s mobility. This is a huge problem when one needs to get in and out of bed. An Electric Bed Recliner is the perfect aid to ensure further independence. This is essential when it comes to being able to get into bed and out of bed without help. Simply by raising the head of the base will help lift one off the mattress or help one get back into their haven for sleep.

Reclining Hospital Bed for Sale and Rent


A Bed Recliner helps improve the quality of one’s well-being. From reducing health problems to enriching lifestyle activities, the product is no less than a magic. Healthy Jeena Sikho offers an affordable pricing of the Electric Hospital Recliner Bed both on sale and rent.

A Recliner Bed on Rent: 

We have a Store in Mohali, Chandigarh (this allows easy fulfilment for entire nearby places from SAS Nagar Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Ambala, Patiala, Ludhiana, Kharar, Kalka, Baddi, Pinjore, Ropar) for exact that reason. We are fast moving to have presence in few cities of North, particularly in Shimla, Dehradun, Jammu.

Healthy Jeena Sikho deals in different Hospital Beds, of which, Electric Recliner Bed is the most cost efficient. Further, we also rent and sell our products. So, grab your phone right away and book a reclining hospital bed for rent to give ease to your loved one.

Specifications of Motorized Recliner Bed

  • Single function controlled by Linear Actuator System

  • Finish-Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated

  • Dimensions:-2010*914 cm*610cm

  • Wired Remote Operated

  • Compact in Size

  • Light Weight

  • Powered Backrest Elevation

Recliner Bed For Patients on Rent

Motorized Backrest /Recliner Bed /Hospital bed


A Unique product sold by Healthy Jeena Sikho which can convert Patient’s Home Bed Into Reclining Bed.


Motorised Recliner Bed can easily overcome the problem faced by patient of comfort seating on bed very easily.  


What does the Motorised Recliner Bed comprise of?

The motorised recliner bed for patients has is a Metallic Powder Coated Frame that can be Adjusted From of a Low Lying Angle To Upright Sitting Position. It comes with a Wired REMOTE Facility With an Ease Of Operation.


The Motorized Recliner Bed allows you to put the bed in most comfortable position for you and suitable for the patient who has undergone surgery or needs assistance for sitting on bed. It has been often observed after operations - the patient is not able to sit upright due to stitches in the stomach or if the patient feels weak and the body is not able to support it. 


We came up with this solution - to make it easier for the patient to sit right and comfortably on the bed itself with other family members without any assistance. 


Inclining the upper body to a comfortable sitting position. Can be used for a patient suffering from back pain, and it has up-to-the-minute technology and is particularly strong. So people need to be as comfortable as possible.

Why Recliner Beds?

If reclining bed frames are very new to you in concept - and you're thinking why would someone require a reclining bed - let's help you learn more about that. Unlike traditional frames, adjustable bed frames aka Reclining beds can be raised or lowered as per comfort both manually and using motor.


This allows the users to raise or lower their upper bodies, which can relieve pressure on the back and ease pain.


The flexibility provided by the reclining motorised bed is also known for offering relief from symptoms related to conditions like:

  • Sleep apnea.

  • Edema.

  • Acid reflux.

  • Snoring and breathing difficulties.

  • Fibromyalgia.

In short, reclining beds can help some people get a more comfortable night’s sleep. These types of frames can also make it easier for older adults or those with mobility issues to safely and comfortably climb out of bed. That can help users maintain a greater level of independence.

Recliner Bed for Elderly

A hospital recliner bed allows elderly people to maintain a degree of independence in comfort and safety of everyday routine.

Many elderly people struggle to sit up unaided, or due to some deformation in spine or injuries or operations. 

The upper body adjustment on a hospital recliner bed gives them the support they need to go from lying down to sitting up.

For elderly people who suffer from circulation problems, the head  adjustments help to improve blood flow and reduce the side effects of poor circulation.

Why do you need a Hospital Recliner Bed for home from Healthy Jeena Sikho?

You realize your loved one is moving a little slower lately. Getting out of bed feels more and more difficult and the current mattress isn’t easy to get in and out of. Your doctor mentions it might be time to consider a hospital bed at home.


The term hospital bed sounds sterile and uncomfortable. But, hospital beds have changed a lot over the years. Now, they are valuable tools that make giving and receiving care more pleasurable for both parties.


Hospital beds move via mechanical or electrical means. The new models are easy to use and have controls handy for bed dwelling patients.

-Hospital Beds Raise, Lower, Elevate, and Recline

There are differences in functionality among different bed models. But, most hospital beds are capable of a variety of movements. If your loved one has reduced balance and mobility, you want to ensure he has his feet firmly planted on the ground before he tries to stand. You can lower or raise a hospital bed so your loved one can stand safely. Hospital beds make the safe use of walkers and wheelchairs easier. Hospital beds Elevate and recline. For patients who have difficulty sleeping on flat mattresses, hospital beds can adjust to create a comfortable sleeping space. Sometimes patients need to elevate legs and feet for health reasons. 

-Hospital Beds are Good for Caregivers

Hospital beds support good care technique. Caregivers can control the position of hospital beds. Caregivers are better positioned to offer support in back healthy positions. They are less likely to bend and stoop while providing assistance. Hospital beds make caring for your loved one’s personal needs easier.

Hospital beds often have rails that may give your loved one something to hold onto. Even if your loved one is non ambulatory he may have upper body strength. He can use his arms to help with rolling and repositioning.

-Hospital Beds are Small and Mobile

While it may be an adjustment to move from a large bed to a hospital bed, often the reduced bed size makes maneuvering in the room safer. Wheelchairs and lifts require quite a bit of space to use and position correctly. Hospital beds may have wheels for easy movement. If your loved one is bed bound, a hospital bed makes changing scenery easier.

-Hospital Beds are Accessorizable

Hospital beds rails offer great hand holds. They also protect people from rolling off the sides. While you would never want to restrain someone in bed rails are great reminders for people who need help in and out of bed. Bed rails can be attached on the entire length of the bed, or half rails can attach near the top of the bed. These rails are great for getting in and out of bed and usually don’t get in the way of getting in and out of bed

-Better Positioning for Patients

When people are forced to spend extended periods of time in bed, the pressure that their body places on the bed causes a lot of heat that becomes trapped between the person’s clothing, bed and skin that will cause pressure sores or bed sores. These sores are extremely uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Hospital beds will often be recommended as an alternative so that they can reposition their body with ease to rotate themselves and displace the pressure throughout the body to alleviate soreness.

-Injury or Lack of Mobility

With certain injuries or surgeries, people will temporarily or permanently lose some of their mobility. Oftentimes, people will have their bedrooms on the second floor and climbing the stairs is too difficult to do post-surgery or with some injuries. Hospital Bed Rentals provide a convenient, temporary option to allow you to sleep on the ground level and make getting in and out of bed easier with less pain. People who are going through or recovering from abdominal surgeries, back surgeries or pregnancy often rent hospital beds as it allows them to sleep comfortably at an angle or position that is not painful for them and allows them to get in and out of bed on their own.

-Improved Circulation 

Hospital beds allow users to alter and adjust the bed to better position their head and feet. These changes allow for movement as well as a periodic change to the pressure points on the body, thereby improving the patient’s blood circulation while she/he is in bed.


Hospital Beds often become a necessity for people with conditions that require caregiver monitoring and attention or occasional restraint from falling. People who are at risk of falling, like those with dementia or cognitive impairment will many times require a hospital bed for the use of half rails to keep them in the bed. The half rails are adjustable to slide up and down out of the way, designed to keep people in bed or provide a stable and secure item to assist getting out of bed.


One of the most significant benefits of hospital beds is the ease of transferring. Hospital beds allow the caregiver to raise or lower the bed to a height that makes transferring the patient to a seated position, chair, wheelchair, or walker easier and reduce pain. Those with hip pain, lower back injury or pain, and some surgeries make moving and getting in and out of bed painful. The fully electric hospital bed and its ability to raise or lower makes getting in and out on one's own much easier.

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