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Karma Electric Wheelchair Models

karma efflex f 20 power wheelchair
  • Karma eFlexx is a foldable power wheelchair. 

  • Has lithium battery

  • The total weight, including the 14 inch rear wheels, without the battery, is only 29 kg.

  •  Battery Option: Standard: 26.1 Ah (657.7Wh) lithium battery provides 20 km driving range. 

  • Flip-back ArmrestsMakes it easy to get in and out the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk. The armrest height is adjustable from 23 cm to 29 cm.

  • Detachable Swing-away Footrests

  • The footplate height is adjustable from 39 cm to 51 cm.

  • KP-25.2 is suitable for medium- and short-distance travel.

  • Lightweight and compact, it features a foldable frame and a removable compact battery pack.

  •  Suitable for Mid-Short Distance Journeys and for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • The KP-25.2 is a compact medium-size wheelchair with an overall width of 59 cm, meaning it is easier to maneuver around tight corners and through narrow doorways.

  • Height Adjustable Armrests

  •  Lateral transfer is made easier with the flip-up armrests and the detachable swing-away footrests.

kp 25.2 electric wheelchair
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  •  Karma Ergo Nimble rear wheel drive, power wheelchair

  •  The Ergo Nimble’s turning radius is only 64 cm with a total width of 60 cm. Smooth and easy to navigate, this chair moves effortlessly through doorways, onto lifts, or around confined spaces.

  • S-Ergo Seating System

  • Disassemble and reassemble with no tools required

  • Angle Adjustable Backrest: the backrest angle can be adjusted from 5° to 19°.

  • Flip-up Armrests : Convenient for lateral transfers

  • Height Adjustable Armrest

  •  Detachable Swing-Away Footrests

karma ergo nimble electric wheelchair
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