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Want to Join the Elite Club at HJS?

We are Hiring!

Following positions are OPEN and we don't mind meeting the right candidate, even if we don't yet have a defined ROLE for same.

Managing growth is a good problem to have!

How do we manage! Well, optimize the entire workflow Digitally! It would require minimal people with best efficient productive team.

Not enough!

Well, get more Geeks to Join.

SO, here we are, with our current set of Openings, Apply to get a rewarding career in City Beautiful. Write to us at


Inside Sales

Interact with customer, understand needs, recommend solution, conclude sale OR  service.

Channel Mgmt

Nurture, train, harness the potential of the channel getting built across cities and their issue resolutions

Product Mgmt

Listen to Customer, research for needs, find solutions, source or get them built in-house.

Digital Mktg

Digital presence, create HALO around Brand, content SEO , on-page and Off page, Forum placement

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