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Folding Electric Wheelchair

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Not all wheelchairs may be suitable for everyone. While all Electric wheelchairs do acquire the single-most-important function of Motorized Power to the movement of the wheelchair, through Battery, there are important considerations for choosing the correct one for you, based on key needs and fitments, as described here.

 Why Folding Electric Wheelchair

a) It is easier to carry as it is easily foldable and very light you may take it easily anywhere anytime without taking much space.

b) Bedrooms could be cramped and thus an important consideration on the overall size of the Electric wheelchair – Else you will despair constantly to be feeling cramped for space

c) Need of wheelchair to the workplace – the weight of the electric wheelchair is an important consideration

d) Social / Community work - Going frequently to the neighbourhood park or community center

Features of Folding Electric Wheelchair

  1. It reduces the dependence, secondly, it is safe and comfortable at the same time making any terrain exportable.
  2. It is easily foldable without removing any accessory 
  3. It is very light in weight

  4. You can just use the buttons to operate the wheelchairs without using your hands and arms. This could be moved to either left or right side for the comfort of the user.

  5. The chair comes with a detachable battery for easy charging

  6. Seat and back cushions are comfortable and removable for easy cleaning.

  7. Compact, foldable design enables easy transport and storage for convenience.

Technical Specifications


  • Driving Range: 15-20 km

  • Motor: DC 250W * 2pcs

  • Battery: 24V 12Ah

  • Power Brake: Manual Brake

  • Frame Material: Steel with Liquid Painting

  • Frame Color: Silver

  • Cushion: Black & Red

  • Max Speed: 6 km/h

  • 1 Year Warranty

Range of WheelChairs from Healthy Jeena Sikho 
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