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Manual Wheelchair on Rent & Sale at Best Price !

Manual Wheelchair on rent & sale from Healthy Jeena Sikho Store 

Get a Manual wheelchair on rent & sale from the comfort of your home - delivered to you. 

Rent of wheelchair is Rs 1000 for the basic model, which is both lightweight and folding in nature, with small wheels. It is the lowest wheelchair price.

Rent of commode wheelchair is Rs 1500, which is good for home use with small wheels and doubles up as a normal wheelchair.

Price of wheelchair is Rs 4500 for basic model and with features, could even go to Rs 25000 

Price of reclining wheelchair with commode is Rs 15000, which is good for home use.

Price of rollator is Rs 6500, which is good for walking and sitting.

Today we have stores in Multiple Cities catering to nearby locations:

  • Mohali : Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, New Chandigarh, Dera Bassi

  • Panchkula : Panchkula, Dhakoli, Pinjore, Chandi-Mandir, Kalka

  • Chandigarh  : Chandigarh, PGI, PU, Burail, Dhanas, Mani Majra

  • Bathinda : Muktsar, Mansa, Moga, Kotkapura

  • Shimla : Mashobra, Naldera, Chail, Narkanda, Kufri,Theog, Solan 

  • Jalandhar : Phawara, Hoshiarpur, Nakodar, Kartarpur, Beas, Banga

  • Mandi : Mandi, Sundar Nagar, Pandoh, Sarka Ghat,  Kullu

  • Patiala : Rajpura, Nabha, Samana, Fatehgarh Sahib

  • Ludhiana : Ludhiana, Sangrur, Mandi Gobindgarh

  • Noida :  Noida, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Sarita Vihar, Mayur Vihar

  • Greater Noida : Greater Noida, Surajpur, Dadri 

  • Yamuna Nagar : Yamuna Nagar, Jagadhri, Ambala, Kurukshetra

  • Ghaziabad : Raj Nagar Extension, Crossing Republik, Vaishali, Indirapuram, 

  • Faridabad : Faridabad, Badarpur, Surajkund, Old faridabad 

  • Gurgaon:  Dwarka, Faridabad, Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, Sushant Lok, DLF City, MG Road, New Gurugram, Manesar

We are delighted with our happy customers who are giving great reviews about our products and services. Click here to READ at Google My Business.  Some snippets - click to read all. 

Why rent a Wheelchair? Why get a wheelchair on rent?

We understand our customer needs - in many cases a customer might need a wheelchair for a week, a month or a couple of months. Buying a wheelchair in these cases is simply not required. That's why renting a wheelchair for the time period - is the best option, and at the same time pocket friendly with being flexible. Wheelchair price on rent is much more affordable. 

There are two BROAD divisions when it comes to wheelchairs based on their mode:

  1. Manual Wheelchair (assisted manually by attendant, or self propelled)

  2. Motorised Wheelchair (also known as, Electric wheel chair)

Come check out Our Wide Range of wheelchairs - we provide on sale and rent:


  • Karma Rainbow 8 - Reclining Wheelchair with Commode

  • Karma Ryder 3 - Premium Outdoor Wheelchair

  • Karma Ryder 1 - Premium Indoor Wheelchair

  • Karma Rainbow 13 - Multipurpose Shower Commode Wheelchair

  • Karma Aurora 5 - Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair

  • Anrace Wheelchair - Outdoor Foldable Wheelchair with Seat Belt

  • Hero Mediva U Cut Commode Wheelchair -MHL-1002-C- Premium Commode Wheelchair

  • Hero Mediva - Reclining Commode Wheelchair - MHL 1006-C

  • Hero Mediva - Supereconomy Wheelchair - MHL 1009

  • Forza Freedom 6000

  • Forza Freedom 5000

  • Arcatron 2000 Multipurpose Commode Wheelchair 

  • Karma 200 CP Wheelchair - Special Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair


Types of Manual Wheelchair

Simple Manual Wheelchair

Simple Manual wheelchair needs to be assisted manually by another person or an attendant or needs to self propelled. There is a further division when it comes to simple manual wheelchair on the basis of parameters like the weight they can take, height size, wheel size, width of seat. One can get a wheelchair for office use, a wheelchair for patients, and a wheelchair for old age. 

  • Big Wheeled Manual Wheelchair: The rear wheel of this wheelchair type is big such that it can be self propelled by the user. 

  • Medium Wheeled Manual Wheelchair: The rear wheel of this wheelchair type is medium in size.

  • Small Wheeled Manual Wheelchair: The rear wheel of this wheelchair type is small - this type of wheelchair cannot be self propelled and needs an attendant. 

Commode Wheelchair

wheelchairs which could take you to the washroom and glide over the existing western toilet in your washroom is known as commode wheelchair. In other variety - a commode chair, which is stationary and can be placed by patient bed side.

Reclining Wheelchair

Folding wheelchair/foldable wheelchair with detachable armrest for easy transfer from/to the bed & detachable/elevating footrest

Shower Wheelchair

wheelchair that can be used to take a shower while sitting on them comfortably - reduces any risk of falling due to slippery wet floor. In case of shower wheelchairs, the Price of wheelchair for rent starts from 1400 for basic model.

Indoor / In Home Wheelchair 

wheelchairs that can be used by the patient inside the home easily. These wheelchairs for patients are designed such that they do not occupy much space and can move easily through the rooms and small doors and passageways. 

Bariatric Wheelchair

Bariatric wheelchairs are both wider and heavier than traditional wheelchairs, they're also referred to as heavy duty wheelchairs.

Travel Wheelchair

wheelchair that can be packed easily and is very travel friendly. 

Cerebral Palsy Walker 

Assisting wheelchair for patients having cerebral palsy. 


Walkers are used to assist a person in walking. 

Rollator Walker

A special type of innovation - created for patients who need help in walking and then want to sit after covering some distance. It comes with an inbuilt seat. 

Why chose Healthy Jeena Sikho for your wheelchair needs?

  • We have our own Wheelchair Manufacturing. 

  • We have 6 years + experience in serving our customers. 

  • We have served over 10,000+ customers till date.

  • We are an ISO Certified Company. 

  • We are present in multiple cities and states over Northern India.

  • We offer both rental and buy plans for our products.

  • We offer affordable wheelchair prices


How to use a Manual Wheelchair?

Sitting Down on a Manual Wheelchair

  • Firstly, Lock the brakes on both side. 

  • Then, Raise the foot rest plates on both sides.

  • Then, Hold the arm rests with both hands and slowly sit down into the seat.

  • After sitting down, put your feet onto the foot plates.

Standing Up from a Manual Wheelchair

  • Firstly, Lock the brakes on both sides.

  • Then, Take your feet off the foot rest plates.

  • Then, hold the arm rests firsmly with both hands and slowly stand up from the seat slowly.

How to use the Manual Wheelchair Brakes?

  • Manual Attendant brakeMove the brake lever to lock the wheels. Move the lever in the other direction to release the wheel locks.

  • Rear Wheel LockPush down the wheel pedal to lock the rear wheel. 

How to push a Manual Wheelchair on the Ramp?

Often ramps are provided to help access the buildings and spaces for people with mobility problems and people pushing strollers or carts.

  • Step 1Put the anti-tippers down when ascending a wheel chair on the ramp. These anti-tippers are located on the back of the wheelchair and have either a pad or tiny wheels. They will keep the chair from tipping over backwards.

  • Step 2Lean uphill into the slope of the ramp. This will help you maintain balance as you move up the ramp.

  • Step 3When pushing someone down a ramp, lean backward with the slope of the ramp. This will help you maintain balance. Also, watch your speed and bend your legs to slow the wheelchair. Use the brake if you get tired or if the chair gains too much momentum.

  • Step 4Zigzag down the ramp if the decline is too steep. Push the wheelchair in a zigzag pattern to reduce speed, being careful not to hit the rails if there are any on either side.

  • Step 5Use your legs rather than your back to push the wheelchair. 

Things to look for in a Manual Wheelchair.

Features to look at while chosing a wheelchair for yourself:

  • Seat Size

  • Arm Type and height

  • Footrest Style

  • Back height

  • Floor to Seat Height

  • Wheelchair weight 

  • Limit of wheelchair

  • Size of Tyre 

Why rent a manual wheelchair?

1. Wheelchair on rent for comfort trial.

Before buying the wheelchair, testing a wheelchair on rent for comfort and usability is a good idea. It will help you or the patient assess its worthiness before purchase.

2. Wheelchair on rent for short term use

Wheelchair on rent/wheelchair rentals makes more sense if you need it for a short period of time for recovery after an accident, illness or knee surgery.

3. Wheelchair on rent for travel.

While travelling you require the support of a wheel chair to make your journey fun and simpler for you. Renting a wheelchair/wheelchair rental might be a great idea. You can easily sit down on the wheel chair propelled by an attendant freeing you from all fatigue of walking. 

Searching for Wheelchair shop near me/Wheelchair on rent near me?

At Healthy Jeena Sikho we provide wheelchairs on rent and sale in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Bathinda and places nearby. So, you can easily find the wheelchair best suited for your patient's requirement at our wheelchair stores. You can find wheelchair for patient/Wheelchair for old age/a Foldable wheelchair at Healthy Jeena Sikho. We provide affordable wheelchair prices for our customers. The price of wheelchair (For Sale)starts from 5,000 for the basic model and goes up to 30,000 for the top model. Wheelchair price varies from model to model.

Wheelchair for office/Wheelchair for airports

At Healthy Jeena Sikho we provide a wide range of premium wheelchairs on rent and sale. We provide wheelchair for offices and airports. We have multiple brands of wheelchairs so one can get a compact, sturdy and lightweight wheelchair for offices and can work more comfortably. We have brands like Karma Wheelchair, Freedom Forza, Kosmo chem, Hero Mediva, Medi-Move, etc. Premium wheelchair rental starts from 3000 for the basic model. One can also take an electric wheelchair for use in offices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a simple wheel chair cost?

Ans: Cost/price of simple wheelchair is Rs 4500 onwards. Commode wheelchair price could start from 3500 (stationary option) and go upto Rs 8000 for executive toilet wheelchair.

Do you provide a cushion with your wheelchairs? 

Ans. The cushion comes as an additional. The cushion adds extra comfort while using the wheelchair.We give it on rent as well as sale along with the wheelchair. The sale price for the wheelchair cushion is Rs. 1000 and the rent price for the wheelchair cushion is Rs. 350. 

Which wheelchair is best?

Ans: Refer to the Healthy Jeena Sikho experts to guide you to buy the best wheelchair in India, based on your need and requirement. We have over 30 options in wheelchair.

Which wheelchair is right for me?

Ans:  It is important to recognize what your requirements are, in order to get the right wheel chair to help you in your circumstances.

There are a number of factors about yourself to consider including:​ Your mobility, Your tolerance, Your body height and weight, Your balance, Your posture. All of the above can be affected by many things including age, tiredness, a medical or physical condition, and medicines.

Does  wheel chair have brakes for safety considerations ?

Ans: Yes, we typically have wheelchairs with brake locks on the wheels. We also have wheelchairs with attendant brakes on the handle.


How can I customize my wheel chair?

Ans: You wouldn't need any customisation with the huge range of wheelchair in the Healthy Jeena Sikho Store. But in case we fail to do so, we will get the needful customization.

What types of equipment and services does Healthy Jeena Sikho Provide?

Ans:  We have a wide range of medical and health equipment which includes Motorised and Manual Wheelchairs, Electrical and Manual Hospital Beds, Air mattresses, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP. We work on both outright sale and rental programs for most of our products.

How do I rent Simple manual wheel chair?

Ans:  Call us on +919876978488 and you can easily rent the wheelchair hassle free and at the best price in the market.

What are Monthly rental rates of Wheel chair?

Ans: Rental price of a simple wheelchair is Rs 1,500 per month. 

Ques. What is the Cost/Price of a manual wheelchair? 

Ans. Depending upon the features of the wheelchair, type, size, reclining, material, wheels, seat, manual or powered, a wheelchair is available in different price ranges. 

Ques. What is the best wheelchair for seniors?

Ans. The best wheelchair for seniors depends on a variety of parameters. Let's look at the available options of wheelchairs for seniors. 

  • Electric Wheelchairs

  • Manual Wheelchairs

  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

  • Lift Chairs

  • Rollators

  • Walkers

The best choice would depned on features like - the health condition of the user - their weight, their movement ability and more. 

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