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Best Standing Wheelchair on Rent

Standing Wheelchair on Rent and Sale

A standing wheelchair is a special kind of wheelchair  that assists its user/ patient  in moving from a seated position  to a standing position and can also help in coming back to a seated position depending on the wheelchair model. 

Standing wheelchairs are commonly used by individuals facing the following problems: muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments that hamper mobility functions. A great benefit that Standing Wheelchair offers is that - it slows down the onset of osteoporosis. When the user sits and lays down every day for too long, the bones stop bearing any weight which worsens the bone density.

Using standing aids to help stimulate the increase of bone density, slow down the rate of bone loss, and gradually make your body healthier.

Why use a Standing Wheelchair?

Standing wheelchairs can help improve daily life movements

It can become quite difficult for patients - with hampered movement to carry out their daily life tasks.  A Standing Wheelchair allows the user to reach things such as objects on shelves or bookcases, improving the user’s sense of independence and making work more efficient.

Standing wheelchairs increases patient’s confidence

Traditional Wheelchair - puts users at a discomfort and make them dependent on an attendant or family member. They do not allow for easy socialising. Standing wheelchair  allows the user to talk with people with the same level of eye contact. Interacting with people at the same eye level can eliminate the barrier or socialisation and interpersonal relationships that wheelchair users usually have.



Who uses a standing wheelchair?


Standing wheelchairs are used by people with mild to severe disabilities that can inlude spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, rett syndrome, post-polio syndrome and more.

Standing chairs are used by people with both paraplegia and quadriplegia, since a variety of standing options are available to accommodate for mild-to-severe disabilities.


Health benefits of Standing wheelchair


Some of the known health benefits of using Standing Wheelchair includes improved circulation, urinary health, bowel function and bone density. Standing wheelchairs may also improve overall quality of life and independence among users.

Karma XO-505 Electric Standing Wheelchair

This chair is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the mid wheel drive allows the chair to have an improved center of gravity, while the front and rear wheels create the perfect balance for the user while engaging on changing surfaces.

When it comes to standing devices, this chair is at the top of the food chain. It comes standard with a mid wheel drive, full sit to stand power function, power reclining and elevating legrest, a full control display, ergonomic leg rest support cushion, extendable arm support, full support harness, and a new power hydraulic system.


  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame

  • Full control LCD display

  • Full leg rest support cushion

  • Extendable arm/hand support bars on both sides

  • H-style Chest harness

  • Dual front LED headlights (Luxury Model)

  • Rear dual headlights w/ flashing feature (Luxury Model)

  • New powered hydraulic system

  • Full size frontal food tray (Optional)

  • Range per Charge: ~25 Miles

  • Easy To Use Joystick For Drive & Stand

  • USB support for mobile devices (optional)

  • Rear caster wheels

  • Power Reclining Feature

  • Power Tilting Feature

  • Mid wheel drive

  • Full sit to stand power function

Karma XO-55 Horizon Standing Wheelchair Manual Propel

The XO-55 Horizon Manual Standing Wheelchair is the ideal chair for users who are searching for a cost effective alternative to a power standing wheelchair.

The standing wheelchair is equipped standard with all accessories needed for immediate use such as a chest harness, pelvic seat belt, and a knee support.


Scissor style wheel locks, flip up footplates, quick release front caster forks and  wheels are all for the benefit of the consumer for easier transporting when necessary. Our design factor goes as beyond as the armrest frame curving to allow for easier transferring, as well as crafting the utmost physical appeal in the manual standing wheelchair market.

Utilizing the lightest and strongest aluminum in the world, as well as incorporating ergonomics into the design and frame structure, the standing wheelchair weighs in at a mere 57 pounds. For patients needing to stand for pressure relief, independence, blood circulation, improve digestion, strengthen bones, or unable to stand on their own, the XO-55 Horizon standing wheelchair will allow users to independently propel the wheelchair throughout daily activities, and manually stand when desired.




  • Only 55 lb. total weight with wheels (41 lb frame weight)

  • Quick Release Caster Forks, and Rear Wheels

  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

  • Pure White Frame Color

  • Transparent Lightweight Composite Side Panel

  • High Strength Struts for Manual Standing

  • Rear Strut Bar for Stability and Increased Nimbleness

  • Easy to Use Standing Handle Allows for Manual Stand In as Little as 10 seconds

  • Lightweight Frame Design 

  • Breathable Nylon Sling/Upholstery Seat and Back 

  • 24″ X 1″ High Profile Pneumatic Tires

  • 6″x1 1/4″ Poly Foam Front Flat Free Casters

  • Padded Flip-back Armrest

  • Flip up Footplates

  • Chest Strap, Pelvic Seatbelt, and Knee Strap are Standard

  • Scissor Style Wheel Locks

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