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BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine In Mumbai

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BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine On Rent

Key Features

Pressure Range
Ramp Duration
CPAP, S, S / T, T
Sound Level
2+1 years


The BMC BIPAP Y30T machine is designed to offer exceptional comfort and convenience for users requiring Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) therapy. With a maximum pressure support of 30 cm H2O, this device ensures tailored therapy to meet individual respiratory needs effectively.

Benefits of BMC BIPAP Y30T Machine

a) Customizable Therapy: Offers a wide range of pressure support (up to 30 cm H2O), tailored to individual respiratory needs for effective therapy.

b) Compact and Lightweight: Weighs just 3kg, making it easy to use at home or while traveling, ensuring therapy continuity wherever you go.

c) Quiet Operation: Operates at a whisper-quiet level of 30dB, minimizing disturbances for both users and their sleep partners during therapy.

d) Comprehensive Support: Designed with user comfort in mind, ensuring effective therapy without compromising on ease of use or portability.

e) Professional Guidance: Supports optimal therapy outcomes when used under the guidance of healthcare professionals, ensuring personalized care and adjustments.

f) Long-term Management: Helps in long-term management of respiratory conditions, allowing users to track progress and adjust therapy as their condition evolves.

It is recommended to consult your Doctor for the best guidance.

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to facilitate seamless delivery and installation directly to your home, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Contact our team today to discover how you can purchase a BMC BiPAP machine.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is a BMC BIPAP Y30T machine?

Ans. The BMC BIPAP Y30T is a Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure device designed to provide therapy for individuals with respiratory conditions, offering customizable pressure support up to 30 cm H2O.

Q2. How does the BMC BIPAP Y30T benefit users?

Ans. BiPAP machine ensures optimal comfort with features like Ti Control for inspiratory time adjustment, a lightweight design for portability, and quiet operation for uninterrupted sleep.

Q3. Is the BMC BIPAP mahcine suitable for travel?

Ans. Yes, it weighs only 3kg and is compact, making it convenient for use at home or during travel.

Q4. What is Ti Control and how does it help?

Ans. Ti Control allows users to adjust the inspiratory time, enhancing comfort and synchronization with their breathing pattern.

Q5. How quiet is the BMC BIPAP machine during operation?

Ans. BiPAP machine operates at a whisper-quiet level of 30dB, ensuring minimal noise disruption during sleep.

Q6. What is the Leak Alert system of BiPAP Machine?

Ans. The Leak Alert system notifies users of any leaks in the mask or tubing, ensuring consistent therapy delivery.

Q7. Does the BMC Y30T BIPAP Machine have data tracking capabilities?

Ans. Yes, it features an SD Card for storing therapy data, allowing users and healthcare providers to monitor therapy progress.

Q8. How often should I consult my doctor regarding my BMC BIPAP machine therapy?

Ans. It is recommended to consult your doctor regularly to ensure your therapy settings are optimized for your needs.

Q9. Can the BMC BIPAP Machine Y30T be used without a prescription?

Ans. No, BiPAP machines like the BMC BIPAP Y30T require a prescription from a healthcare provider.

Q10. How do I clean and maintain the BMC BIPAP machine Y30T?

Ans. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the mask, tubing, and device regularly to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

Q11. Does the BMC BIPAP machine Y30T have battery backup for power outages?

Ans. No, BiPAP machine requires a stable power source for operation.

Q12. What are the dimensions of the BMC BIPAP machine Y30T?

Ans. BiPAP machine has a compact design, but specific dimensions can vary; refer to the product specifications for details.

Q13. Can the BMC BIPAP Machine Y30T be used by children?

Ans. BiPAP therapy for children should be prescribed and monitored by a pediatrician or healthcare provider.

Q14. How long does the BMC BIPAP Machine Y30T warranty last?

Ans. Warranty periods can vary; Healthy Jeena Sikho provides 2+1 years.

Q15. Are there any special considerations for using the BMC BIPAP Machine Y30T during illness?

Ans. Consult your healthcare provider if you experience changes in your health status or require adjustments to your therapy settings during illness.

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