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Resmed Airstart 10 Auto CPAP Machine On Rent In Bangalore

Resmed Airstart 10 Auto CPAP Machine On Rent In Bangalore

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The Resmed AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine is a cutting-edge respiratory support device designed to enhance the quality of sleep and life for individuals suffering from breathing difficulties. It operates on advanced algorithms that dynamically adjust to the user's breathing patterns throughout the night, ensuring precise and comfortable therapy. This Auto CPAP (APAP) machine offers both APAP and CPAP modes, catering to different therapy needs seamlessly. With a wide pressure range of 4-20cmH2O, it accommodates various breathing requirements effectively.

Benefits of using the Resmed AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine:

a) Effective Therapy: Delivers non-invasive ventilation tailored to your breathing patterns, ensuring consistent and effective therapy for sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions.

b) Improved Sleep Quality: Helps improve sleep quality by reducing interruptions due to breathing issues, leading to better overall rest and daytime alertness.

c) Automatic Pressure Adjustment: Automatically adjusts air pressure levels throughout the night based on your needs, optimizing comfort and efficacy without manual adjustments.

d) Quiet Operation: Operates quietly at 26.6 dB, minimizing disturbance for both you and your sleeping partner.

e) User-Friendly Design: Easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls make setup and daily operation straightforward, enhancing user experience.

f) Compact and Portable: The lightweight design (1.1 kg) and compact dimensions (116 x 205 x 150mm) make it convenient for home use and travel.

It is recommended to consult your Doctor for the best guidance.

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to facilitate seamless delivery and installation directly to your home, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Contact our team today to discover how you can purchase a ResMed CPAP machine.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How often should I clean my Resmed AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine?

Ans. It is recommended to clean your CPAP machine daily by washing the mask, tubing, and water chamber with mild soap and water.

Q2. Can I adjust the pressure settings on the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine?

Ans. Yes, the CPAP machine adjusts pressure automatically based on your breathing, but pressure settings can also be manually adjusted if needed.

Q3. Is the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine noisy?

Ans. No, the CPAP machine operates quietly at approximately 26.6 dB, ensuring a peaceful sleep environment.

Q4. How do I know if the therapy is effective?

Ans. The CPAP machine provides detailed therapy data that you can review, and your healthcare provider can assess to ensure effective treatment.

Q5. Can I travel with the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine?

Ans. Yes, it is compact and lightweight, designed for easy travel. Check airline regulations for specific requirements.

Q6. Do I need a prescription to purchase the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine?

Ans. Yes, a prescription from a healthcare provider is necessary to purchase a CPAP machine.

Q7. What if I experience discomfort with the mask?

Ans. There are different mask styles and sizes available. Experimenting with different options can help find a comfortable fit.

Q8. How long does the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine take to ramp up pressure?

Ans. The ramp feature gradually increases pressure over a period of up to 45 minutes, adjustable to your preference.

Q9. Can I use the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine without water in the humidifier?

Ans. Yes, the CPAP machine's humidifier can be used with or without water, depending on your preference and comfort.

Q10. Is the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine covered by insurance?

Ans. Coverage depends on your insurance provider and policy. Check with your insurance company for details.

Q11. How often should I replace the mask and other accessories?

Ans. Masks and accessories should be replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations or as advised by your healthcare provider.

Q12. Can I use the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine if I breathe through my mouth?

Ans. Yes, there are masks designed specifically for mouth breathers that can be used with this CPAP machine.

Q13. Does the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine have a warranty?

Ans. Yes, Healthy Jeena Sikho provides 2 years of warranty on a CPAP machine.

Q14. Can the AirStart 10 Auto CPAP machine be used for children?

Ans. The CPAP machine is designed for adult use. Pediatric CPAP machines are available for children.

Q15. What do I do if I experience air leaks with my mask while using the CPAP machine?

Ans. Adjusting the mask fit or trying a different size or style of mask can often resolve issues with air leaks.

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