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Karma Eflex F20 Power Wheelchair On Sale In Mumbai

Karma Eflex F20 Power Wheelchair On Sale In Mumbai

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Key Features

Charging Time
Lithium Ion
6-7 hours
Driving Range
Weight Capacity
100 kg


The Karma EFlex F20 Power Electric Wheelchair in Mumbai is a versatile and convenient mobility solution. This lightweight, foldable wheelchair features an alloy steel frame, detachable swing-away footrests, and flip-back armrests. With a 26.1 Ah lithium battery, it offers a driving range of 20km and a max speed of 8 km/h, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of Karma Electric Wheelchair for Users in Mumbai:

a) Easy portability with its foldable design: The EFlex F20's foldable feature is a game-changer. You can easily collapse it to fit in your car trunk or store it in tight spaces at home. This means you're no longer limited by transportation concerns – take your freedom with you wherever you go!

b) Long-lasting lithium battery for extended use: With a 26.1 Ah lithium battery providing a 20km driving range, you can confidently go about your day without constantly worrying about recharging. Whether it's running errands or enjoying a day out, this battery life gives you the independence to explore without limits.

c) Comfortable seating with adjustable features: The 410mm backrest height, flip-back armrests, and detachable swing-away footrests allow you to customize your seating position. This adaptability means you can maintain comfort throughout the day, reducing fatigue and preventing discomfort during extended use.

d) Suitable for various environments: Thanks to its 8-inch front wheels and 14-inch rear wheels, the EFlex F20 can handle different terrains with ease. From smooth indoor floors to slightly bumpy outdoor paths, you'll have the confidence to navigate various settings, expanding your accessibility to different locations.

e) Lightweight yet sturdy construction: At just 35 kg, this wheelchair strikes an excellent balance between portability and durability. The alloy steel frame ensures stability and longevity, while the lightweight design makes it easier for caregivers to assist if needed and reduces strain when folding or lifting the chair.

We've been providing top-quality hospital furniture for rent and sale for over 8 years, serving 50,000+ satisfied customers with a 5-star Google rating. With ready stock in 15 North Indian cities, we offer same-day delivery, competitive pricing, and expert installation.

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to facilitate seamless delivery and installation directly to your home in Mumbai, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Contact our team today to discover how you can rent or purchase an exceptional electric wheelchair in Mumbai for your healthcare facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How easy is it to fold the Karma EFlex F20 electric wheelchair?

Ans. You'll love how simple it is! The EFlex F20 electric wheelchair is designed for easy folding, making it a breeze to store or transport.

Q2. What's the weight capacity of this electric wheelchair?

Ans. The EFlex F20 electric wheelchair can comfortably support up to 100 kg, ensuring a safe ride for most users.

Q3. How long does the battery last on a single charge?

Ans. You can enjoy a driving range of 20km on a full charge, giving you plenty of freedom to move around.

Q4. Is this electric wheelchair suitable for outdoor use?

Ans. Absolutely! With its 8-inch front wheels and 14-inch rear wheels, it's designed to handle various terrains.

Q5. How fast can the EFlex F20 electric wheelchair go?

Ans. You can zip around at a maximum speed of 8 km/h, balancing efficiency with safety.

Q6. What are the dimensions of the electric wheelchair?

Ans. The EFlex F20 electric wheelchair measures 1015*560*860 mm, compact enough for easy manoeuvring.

Q7. How comfortable is the seating?

Ans. With a backrest height of 410 mm and flip-back armrests, you'll find it quite comfortable for extended use.

Q8. Is the electric wheelchair heavy?

Ans. Not at all! Weighing just 35 kg, it's relatively lightweight for a power wheelchair.

Q9. Can I adjust the footrests?

Ans. Yes, you can! The footrests are detachable and swing away for your convenience.

Q10. What type of battery does it use?

Ans. It's equipped with a 26.1 Ah lithium battery, known for its long life and reliability.

Q11. Is the seat width suitable for most users?

Ans. The seat width is 405 mm, which should accommodate most users comfortably.

Q12. What colour is the electric wheelchair?

Ans. The EFlex F20 electric wheelchair comes in a sleek black colour, giving it a modern and versatile look.

Q13. Are the armrests adjustable?

Ans. Yes, the armrests are flip-back, allowing for easy transfers and customized comfort.

Q14. Is this eelctric wheelchair easy to maintain?

Ans. With its durable alloy steel frame and quality components, the EFlex F20 is designed for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.

Q15. Where can I purchase an electric wheelchair in Mumbai?

Ans. You can easily purchase an electric wheelchair in Mumbai from Healthy Jeena Sikho. We offer a range of affordable options and provide 24/7 services to ensure you have the support you need at any time. Their commitment to customer care makes them a reliable choice for your mobility needs.

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