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  • Can I get price estimates of manual and motorised wheelchairs?
    Yes. Absolutely. Since wheelchairs have a vast range of features, leading to price variation among these, we can only give you the range of pricing. Manual Wheelchairs Price Range : Vanilla model could start at Rs 5000 and high end one could go upto Rs 18,000. Motorised Wheelchair Price Range : Starting at Rs 44,000 and going upto Rs 125,000. You may get the sense of various models and features in the detailed dedicated page on website.
  • Can I get to see and try actual wheelchairs before buying?
    Yes! We would be happy to welcome you to Healthy Jeena Sikho store at Mohali, in sector 73, link given to our exact location below. Our experts would help you with your needs and help in selection. Please reach out
  • Which wheelchair is easiest to push?
    At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we have two types of wheelchairs, Electric and Manual. Electrci wheelchair, are powered wheelchairs and do not require assisted human push for navigation. Manual Wheelchairs have lighweight models, and you should choose one as per key need and usage pattern. Lighweight wheelchairs are extremely easy for the patient to navigate with hands and in case of challenge, they could be wheeled around by caretaker, with minimal effort.
  • Which wheelchair is best?
    Its not an easy one to answer, straight-forward. The fact that there are 10s of different models of wheelchairs - from broad manual to electric powered and within them multiple models, is a reason that so much customisation is required based on the condition and requirment of different ailments. And not everthing is driven by COST consideration alone. Like for example, some patients, may require commode wheelchair, in which case, a simple wheelchair with commode would do the job. No Fancy stuff. Refer to the Healthy Jeena Sikho guide in order to buy the best wheelchair in India, based on your need and requirement.
  • Which wheelchair is right for me?
    It is important to recognize what your requirements are, in order to get the right wheelchair to help you in your circumstances. There are a number of factors about yourself to consider including: Your mobility, Your tolerance, Your body height and weight, Your balance, Your posture All of the above can be affected by many things including age, tiredness, a medical or physical condition, and medicines. Head on to our blog to choose the most apt wheelchair.
  • How can joystick in Motorised wheelchairs be used by Left Handers?
    At Healthy Jeena Sikho, our electric wheelchairs come with this small but handy feature in all our Motorised wheelchair models. It's pretty simple to snap open the entire electronics from Right hand side to left hand side of the Electric / Motorised wheelchair. Our specialist would be happy to guide, in case you seem to face any difficulty in doing this.
  • How many kinds of Wheelchairs do you have?
    We have wide range of Motorised/ Electric as well as Manual Wheelchairs. In Electrical we have Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Reclining Electric Wheelchair Small Electric Wheelchair Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Folding Electric Wheelchair Manual Wheelchair In Manual we have Folding, lightweight Wheelchair Manual Wheelchair with Pot Rugged, heavy duty , folding manual wheelchair
  • How can I customize my wheelchair?
    With over 20-different modesl of the wheelchairs, you may actually not be looking at customisation. You might actually need an expert to explain the best wheelchair for your need. You can contact us on +919876978488 and we will help you in exploring the best fit Wheelchair.
  • What types of equipment and services does Healthy Jeena Sikho Provide?
    We have a wide range of medical and health equipment which includes Motorised and Manual Wheelchairs, Electrical and Manual Hospital Beds, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP. You can check all our products in our Shop.
  • How do I rent Electric wheelchair?
    Call us on +981987697848 and you can easily rent the chair hustle free.
  • How do I pay for the equipment rental?
    We accept both cash and direct bank transfers.
  • Do you have commode wheelchair?
    Yes, there indeed are wheeled commode chairs for the convenience of patients.
  • What are hospital beds made of?
    Hospital bed has various components made with following material: Frame is made up of Mild Steel Tubes Head and Foot panels are made up of ABS Side Panels are made up either of collapsible SS Side railings or ABS Panels as per requirement. We use Actuator systems instead of motor, that comes with 1-year warranty
  • How long does a hospital mattress last?
    Foam Hospital mattresses last for about 5-7 Years which are usually used for hospital and homecare use.
  • Does the hospital mattress come with the bed ?
    No, the hospital mattress does not come along with the bed. You can purchase the mattress as we avail the same at extra cost.
  • Can I customize my hospital bed?
    Yes you can customise your hospital bed as we have our own manufacturing unit so the availability and technical expertise allows us to do so, but prices will vary as per the functionality.
  • Can I come and personally see the Hospital Bed?
    Yes, you can visit our office cum Store located in Mohali, Punjab to see the product personally. We have trained staff to explain and demo the Hospital bed functions and uses.
  • Can you use a regular mattress on a hospital bed?
    We would not recommend using a regular mattress because that can cause obstruction in the movement of Segments of the bed. Hospital mattresses are designed with CUTS / folds that provide comfort while accessing the functions of bed. (like back side elevation going all the way upto 70% for the comfort of the patient, won't be possible on regular mattress, as it would not fold)
  • What is the process of getting a Hospital Bed for rent?
    We provide rental hospital beds all across Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. It is generally a three step process – ​ 1. Select to Rent the Hospital Bed Consult with our experts who will help you select the right hospital bed based on your needs and budget. Choose the correct rental plan. We provide deliveries within 2-3 hours. ​ 2. Receive the Hospital Bed The hospital bed is delivered to your home by an expert who explains the functionality of the machine. Check the condition of the hospital bed and let the patient who is going to use it try it. ​ 3. Return the Hospital Bed You can either renew the rental plan next month or if you no longer need the hospital bed you can return it.
  • Why Healthy Jeena Sikho for your hospital bed needs?
    ​1. We have our own factory for hospital beds with ISO certification and are equipped to customise as per specific needs also. This also allows us to have absolute control on the Quality of the final product of the Medical bed. ​2. The hospital beds are properly serviced and the mattresses are properly cleaned to maintain proper hygiene. ​3. We are headquatered in Mohali, Chandigarh, so easily accessible and thus you don't have to worry about any service related issues. Plus since we are the manufacturers, we can provide you timely service and replacement in case of any malfunctioning in the hospital beds. (which, by the way, is rare, but none-the-less can happen) ​4. Our monthly rentals for hospital beds are affordable and we provide home deliveries making it convenient for you to easily try it at home before taking it.
  • What is the Cost of Hospital Bed?
    Based on the feature set, there is a range of cost of Hospita Bed. Cost of Manual Bed - Semil-fowler hospital Bed - Fowler Bed Rs 11,000 to Rs 18,000 Electric Hospital Bed Cost - One function going to ICU Grade Rs 30,000 to Rs 100,000
  • What are the various Types of Medical Beds?
    Two main types of Medical Beds are defined by category a. Manual Hospital Beds - Crack system based movement b. Powered - Electric Hospital Beds Within this, major functionality remains as under (for both types) a. Head side / backside elevation - going upto 70 degree b. Legside elevation - going upto 45 degree c. Height adjustment of hospital bed - normally avaiable with Electric hospital beds
  • What is the Monthly Rent for Oxygen Concentrator Machine?
    It typically starts from Rs 5500 per month for monthly rent for Oxygen concentrator, 5 Litre capacity, which is good for home use under normal circumstances. We do have multiple models from 10L going upto 50L capacity in the Oxygen concentrator product line. Most of these Oxygen concentrator give a 93% plus concentrated oxygen output. You may want to look at complete details on our product page here.
  • What is the Monthly Rent for CPAP Machine?
    It typically starts from Rs 5500 per month for monthly rent for CPAP machine.
  • What is the Monthly Rent for BiPAP Machine?
    Monthly rent for BiPAP Machine is Rs 5000
  • What is the Monthly Rent for Cardiac Monitor?
    Monthly rent for Cardiac Monitor is Rs 5000
  • What is the Monthly Rent for Patient Bed (Manual) ?
    Monthly rent for Patient Bed - Manual types is Rs 2000. But depending on the features required, it would go up. This pricing is for semi-fowler hospital bed with only back-rest elevation throigh crank system, with no wheels, side-railing or ABS panels.
  • What is the Monthly Rent for Patient Bed (Motorised) ?
    Monthly rent for Electric Hospital Bed is Rs 4500. Monthly rent for Motorised Patient Bed is Rs 4500. But depending on the features required, it would go up. This pricing is for single function motorised hospital bed with only back-rest elevation, with wheels & side-railing.
  • Who bears the cost of equipment freight?
    The logistics (freight) cost has to be borne by the customer. Within Tricity, these costs for medical beds would typically be under Rs 1000. Customer has a choice of picking up the equipment from the store at Mohali and avoid such costs of transport.
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