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Electric 5 Function Hospital Bed On Rent In Kolkata

Electric 5 Function Hospital Bed On Rent In Kolkata

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Key Features

Backrest Elevation
Knee Rest Elevation
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
Height Adjustment
1 Year
ABS Panels


Our ICU 5-function electric hospital bed on rent in Kolkata combines advanced functionality with ergonomic design to provide exceptional care and comfort in medical settings. With precise electric adjustments for height, backrest, knee break, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positions, this bed ensures optimal positioning tailored to patient needs. Crafted from durable materials and finished for longevity, it offers stability and ease of use with intuitive controls for caregivers.

Benefits of 5-Function Electric Hospital Bed for Users:

1. Enhanced Patient Comfort:
Adjustable positions allow patients to find optimal support for recovery, reducing discomfort and promoting restful sleep.

2. Improved Care Efficiency:
Electric controls enable caregivers to swiftly and precisely adjust the bed, saving time and reducing physical strain during patient care tasks.

3. Safety and Security:
ABS head/foot panels and sturdy safety rails provide a secure environment, minimizing risks of falls and injuries.

4. Versatile Use:
Suitable for various medical needs including post-operative care, therapeutic treatments, and long-term patient management.

5. Ease of Mobility:
Lockable wheels facilitate smooth bed movement within healthcare facilities, ensuring stability during transfers and procedures.

6. Durable Construction:
Constructed from robust materials with a protective finish, ensuring reliability and longevity in demanding medical environments.

7. Patient Independence:
Adjustable height features empower patients to enter and exit the bed independently when appropriate, fostering a sense of autonomy.

8. Clinical Flexibility:
Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions support medical interventions requiring specific patient angles, enhancing procedural efficiency.

9. Hygienic Design:
Easy-to-clean surfaces and materials promote infection control protocols, maintaining a sanitary environment for patient recovery.

10. Comfortable Support Surface:
It includes a high-density foam mattress designed for comfort and pressure relief, which contributes to overall patient well-being.

We've been providing top-quality hospital furniture for rent and sale for over 8 years, serving 50,000+ satisfied customers with a 5-star Google rating. With ready stock in 15 North Indian cities, we offer same-day delivery, competitive pricing, and expert installation.

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to facilitate seamless delivery and installation directly to your home in Kolkata, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Contact our team today to discover how you can rent or purchase exceptional hospital beds in Kolkata for your healthcare facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many motors does the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed have, and what functions do they control?

Ans. The 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed features five electric motors that control height adjustment, backrest tilt, knee break angle, Trendelenburg position, and reverse Trendelenburg position.

Q2. What are the dimensions and weight of the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed?

Ans. The dimensions are 2010914610mm, and the approximate weight is 100 Kg.

Q3. What materials is the frame of the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed made from?

Ans. The frame is constructed from 25mm diameter M.S (mild steel) tubes.

Q4. How is the frame finished for durability?

Ans. The frame is finished with pre-treated and epoxy powder coating.

Q5. What controls the 5 Functions of Electric Hospital Bed operations?

Ans. The 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed can be operated using a handheld remote or a bedside control panel.

Q6. How does the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed ensure patient safety?

Ans. The 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed includes ABS head/foot panels and rails for added safety during use.

Q7. What type of mattress does the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed come with?

Ans. The 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed comes with a 32 High-Density Foam 3-cut Mattress for optimal comfort.

Q8. Can the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed be easily moved within a healthcare facility?

Ans. Yes, it is equipped with wheels that can be locked for stability or unlocked for mobility.

Q9. What are the benefits of the Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions?

Ans. These positions facilitate improved circulation, respiratory function, and surgical access.

Q10. How easy is it to clean and maintain the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed?

Ans. The materials used allow for easy cleaning, and maintenance is minimal.

Q11. Is assembly required upon delivery?

Ans. The 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed typically requires minimal assembly, which can be done by trained personnel.

Q12. Can the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed accommodate bariatric patients?

Ans. Yes, 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed is designed to support patients of various weights and sizes.

Q13. What is the power source for the electric motors?

Ans. The 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed operates on a standard electrical power supply.

Q14. Is the 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed compliant with healthcare regulatory standards?

Ans. Yes, 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed meets relevant safety and quality standards for hospital equipment.

Q15. How can I rent Electric 5 Function Hospital on rent in Kolkata?

Ans. Healthy Jeena Sikho provides hospital beds on rent and sale at highly affordable prices in Kolkata. You can easliy contact our experts available 24/7 for all your hospital bed's requirements in Kolkata.

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