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Manual Wheelchair on rent in Ludhiana

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Get a wheelchair on Rent in Ludhiana at home. 

Wheelchair on Rent in Ludhiana. Best Quality Manual Wheelchairs, Battery Wheelchair on rent and sale in Ludhiana. With out store in Ludhiana - we are able to serve in Shimla Puri, Duggri, Jodhewal,  Jamalpur,  Model Town Ludhiana, Civil Line, Salem Tabri, Haibowal,  Sangrur, Mandi Gobindgarh. 

Cost of rent of wheelchair is Rs 2,000 per month for manual wheelchair.

Cost of rent of Motorised wheelchair is Rs 6,000 per month.

Basic manual Wheelchair cost is Rs 4,000 and goes upto Rs 25,000 for top models. 

Starting cost of Motorised Wheelchair is Rs 45,000 and goes upto Rs 125,000 for top models. 

At Healthy Jeena Sikho Ludhiana - we provide wheelchair on demand, wheelchair on rent, we solve problems like  "wheelchair near me" , "customised wheel chair".

Electric / Motorized Wheelchair in Ludhiana

The electric wheel chair is propelled by a motor and battery. They are also known as folding wheelchair. They are very sophisticated. They are operated with a joystick or push buttons. Some electric wheelchairs use advanced technology and can climb upstairs, move across gravel and even rise up to give access to high shelves. Electric wheelchairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery so they are very heavy and also quite expensive. The cost of motorised Wheel Chair is Rs 50,000 but can go up to Rs 125,000 for the high-end models. Also, Wheelchair on Rent is an alternative for those who can’t afford to buy a new one due to the high cost of the wheelchair. The rent of motorized wheelchair is Rs 6000 per month for the basic variant with deposit.

Types of Electric Motorized Wheelchairs we have

  • Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

  • Reclining Electric Wheelchair

  • Small Electric Wheelchair

  • Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

  • Folding Electric Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair in Ludhiana

The ‘best’ type of power wheelchair varies from person to person. It all depends on someone’s personal challenges and goals.

When choosing a power wheelchair, we always recommend getting an assessment. Working with a specialist ensures you get the right drive type and customizations for the user.

Finding the right power wheelchair for every client is what we’re all about. We’ve seen the positive impact the right support and aids have on everyday life. So, we’re passionate about connecting as many people as possible with the right chair for them.

This, according to the functionality can be divided into 3 different types:

  1. Front Wheel Power Chair

  2. Rear Wheel Power Chair

  3. Mid Wheel Powerchair

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair in Ludhiana


Heavy duty wheel chairs feature the extended widths and weight capacities necessary to support heavier patients. They can be either powered or self-propelled, though powered units are more common. Heavy-duty wheelchairs often come equipped with additional safety and comfort features to prevent accidents or injuries such as pressure ulcers. They are meant for patients over 250 or 300 pounds and go up to 500 pounds. Again, our favourite for obese patients are the Drive wheelchairs.

These wheelchairs are very heavy and well-built to stand the test of time. They are usually larger in size as they are built for bigger individuals.  In fact, we carry a whole line of bariatric equipment for obese patients.

Reclining Electric Wheelchair in Ludhiana

Reclining wheelchairs are designed to allow the user to recline comfortably at incremental angle positions, without exerting so much energy. These types of chairs offer a change in positioning, allowing the user to open the seat to back angle, which is a lot more comfortable than a conventional seating system. This sort of positioning promotes good back posture and helps avoid back injury from long-term seating.

There are many reasons why you would purchase a reclining chair, we made a list that you can skim through below to get more of an idea of what you need. The Reclining wheelchair helps in prevention from pressure sores, helps alleviate hypotension, easy transfers, and is comfortable.

Manual Wheelchairs in Ludhiana

A manual wheelchair is one that is propelled by the user. It is usually done by pushing on round bars that surround the wheels. This wheelchair also has handles on the back so it can be pushed by another person. A manual wheelchair is easy to maintain, is lightweight, and is the least expensive to buy. At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we have complete range of affordable manual wheelchair range. The cost of Wheelchair is Rs 4500 for the basic model but cost of premium wheelchair could go upto Rs 20,000 with features like toilet seat, small wheels, brakes, rugged, folding and extremely lightweight.

Types of Manual Wheelchairs we have

  • Folding frame ultralight manual wheelchair

  • Heavy-duty manual wheelchair

  • Wheelchair with Small Wheels

  • Compact Wheelchair

  • Wheelchair with Toilet Seat (Pot)

Contact us to get  Best price for Manual wheelchairs at Healthy Jeena Sikho.

We provide wheel chair on rent in Ludhiana, Shimla Puri, Duggri, Jodhewal, , JamalPur,  Model Town Ludhiana, Civil Line, Salem Tabri, Haibowal,  Sangrur, Mandi Gobindgarh and all our other service areas.


We provide commode wheel chair for rent , manual wheel chair for rent, motorised wheel chair for rent, compact wheel chair fore rent, cerebral palsy wheel chair for rent. 

Sports Wheelchairs in Ludhiana

Just as other sports require participants to use certain equipment and skills, wheelchair sports require a certain set of equipment and skills. There are a wide range of sports developed for wheelchair users including Archery, basketball, boccia, dancing, racing, rugby, and tennis.

Where can I buy used sport wheelchairs for sale? At Healthy Jeena Sikho Ludhiana we provide sports wheelchairs for rent and sale.

Whether a beginner looking to start playing a wheelchair sport, those with advanced skills, or professional athletes, there are a huge range of sport wheelchairs available depending on the sport and the level at which the user plays.

The wheelchairs used for each sport have evolved to suit the specific needs of that sport and often no longer resemble their everyday cousins. They are usually non-folding (in order to increase rigidity), with a pronounced negative camber for the wheels (which provides stability and is helpful for making sharp turns), and often are made of composite, lightweight materials. Even seating position may be radically different, with racing wheelchairs generally used in a kneeling position.

Sport wheelchairs are rarely suited for everyday use, and are often a 'second' chair specifically for sport use, although some users prefer the sport options for every day. Some disabled people, for instance lower-limb amputees, may use a sport wheelchair only for sports, but not for everyday activities.

Standing Wheelchairs in Ludhiana

A standing wheelchair is one that supports the user in a standing position. They can be used as both a wheelchair and a standing frame, allowing the user to sit or stand in the wheelchair. They will move from sitting to standing with a hydraulic pump or electric-powered assist.

Foldable Wheelchairs in Ludhiana

Foldable wheelchairs are specifically designed to be stored in small places and are ideal for travel enthusiasts. The lightweight design and foldable feature provide real-time mobility for the user. It is easy to store foldable wheelchairs in the trunk of a car or even a cupboard. Foldable wheelchairs are generally less sturdy and are mostly preferred by part-time users or by those who travel in vehicles.

Seat of foldable wheelchair is made of flexible/folding material like cloth, leather or synthetic material like artificial leather cloth. Such flexible seat allows the chair’s side to collapse and come together.

Pediatric Wheelchair in Ludhiana

There are a wide variety of pediatric wheelchairs available exclusively for children.As these types of wheelchairs are for kids, they are often quite small and novel in appearance. These wheelchairs come in both manual and electric models with ultra-light designs.

Most pediatric wheelchairs are adjustable, for example, the seat height can be raised as a child grows older. These chairs are available on customer demand at best price at Healthy Jeena Sikho.

Wheelchair with Commode in Ludhiana

Commode wheel chair- a portable toilet that can be placed at the bedside of a patient whose activity is limited; these are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated to reach the bathroom. 

The various needs of patients have multiple solutions for toilet wheelchair. One is just a chair with pot, to be used in the room. Another variant is having toilet seat wheelchair. Third variant is a wheelchair with pot but which could also be wheeled into the washroom on western toilet.

Big problem with Indian toilets is the SIZE of the washroom door! Most wheelchair can't be taken into the Toilet due to this problem and you must consult our experts before buying to get the right advice.

The receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied. A commode wheelchair helps in reducing the caregiver efforts while giving extra comfort to the user. The wheelchair can ideally be used indoors.

We, at Healthy Jeena Sikho Ludhiana bring to you best price for sale and renting this wheelchair. Cost of rent of wheelchair is Rs 1000 onwards for manual models.

Reclining Commode Wheelchair in Ludhiana

Reclining commode wheelchair is made to allow the user to recline the backrest at an  angle of comfort. Recliner commode wheelchairs are made to have a taller backrest which when reclined allows the user to sit in a more comfortable position making it much easier for their spine. Ideal for individuals suffering from medical conditions like severe hip extension and orthostatic hypotension and even for people who find it difficult to sit in a fully upright position.

Three-wheeled Wheelchairs in Ludhiana

3 wheeled wheelchairs are not a new concept and have frequently been used in the design of racing wheelchairs, tennis wheelchairs, and other sports as well as everyday all-purpose wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are more stable and maneuverable over rough terrain than a four-wheel wheelchair.

Recent technological advances are slowly improving wheelchair and EPW technology. Some wheelchairs, such as the iBOT, incorporate gyroscopic technology and other advances, enabling the chair to balance and run on only two of its four wheels on some surfaces, thus raising the user to a height comparable to a standing person. They can also incorporate stair-climbing and four-wheel-drive feature motorized assists for hand-powered chairs are becoming more available and advanced.

Anytime you are in the market for a wheelchair, no matter what type you are looking for, it is a good idea to do some comparison shopping.

Different wheelchairs come with different capabilities and different prices as well. You will want to make sure you get a good deal for your money and end up with the best wheelchair for the person who will be using it.

You can buy wheelchairs today in festive colors and seat prints. Plus you can further customize them after purchase to make the wheelchair uniquely the user's own.

The Indian census predicts, (much like the rest of the world), age related and disease related need of 1% of the population for a wheelchair. Due to various reasons, including affordability, high prices, less awareness, not even 50% of those needing wheelchair are provided with wheelchair. The fact that its now available in most big to small towns, wheelchair prices have come down dramatically, its now even available Online, lots of charity work allows for easy access to wheelchairs, is helping the cause of those needing wheelchairs.

How to Choose Wheel Chair based on functional performance?

It is recommended that a wheelchair be evaluated based on the functional performance measures and that the results be available to the users and purchasers. The functional performance areas in which a wheelchair should be evaluated or reported on are:

• static stability of wheelchair

• dynamic stability of wheelchair

• rolling resistance of wheelchair

• ability to repair/availability of components for the wheelchair

• overall wheelchair dimensions, mass, and turning space.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho Ludhiana, we realise there is a huge gap in the required wheelchairs (demand) and the supply of affordable, "Wheelchair on Rent".

The current gap in the existing Wheelchair ecosystem for the customer

a. Availability of wheelchair - Motorized wheelchair, Reclining Wheel chair  - In your city!

b. Range of wheelchairs - from manual, standing, outdoor, electric wheelchair models

c. Wheel Chair Store - For easy selection and demonstration unit to try out best fit - Its hard to make a decision without trying out.

d. Affordable price of wheelchair for outright buy

e. Wheelchair on Rent - Does not exist

After analyzing data of users on search Engines and speaking to buyers, we realised people were indeed searching for variety of needs, from lightweight wheelchairs, commode wheelchair, cost of wheel chair, wheelchair near me, electric wheelchair, wheelchair on rent, folding wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, compact wheelchair for washroom, toilet wheelchair, shower wheelchair, standing wheelchair, reclining wheelchair.

To help consumers for their exact needs, now we have a STORE at Ludhiana with actual wheelchairs and experts to help choose the right model, as per the need. This also brought in the new business model of "wheelchair on rent" and "buyback wheelchair plan". Get the best price now.

Mobility devices are appropriate for people who experience a wide range of mobility difficulties as a result of a broad spectrum of health conditions and impairments, including amputation, arthritis, cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, stroke and are also relevant for older people who experience mobility difficulties.


For someone with limited mobility who will not be able to walk unaided, a wheelchair can reduce the risk and fear of falling in the home or outdoors allowing you to move around with confidence. Motorised wheelchairs are easy to carry in a car and easily foldable leads to more mobility of a person and attend all his or her requirements. Electric wheelchairs allow users to experience a degree of independence that simply wasn’t possible in years gone by. By providing extreme comfort for those who cannot stand or struggle to stand for long periods, our extensive range of electric wheelchairs offers the perfect solution. 

Our wheelchair requires only the lightest touch to be operated and can be easily adjusted to ensure the user is extremely comfortable for their duration in the seat. In addition to providing mobility, an appropriate wheelchair benefits the physical health and quality of life of the users by helping in reducing common problems such as pressure sores, the progression of deformities and improves respiration and digestion.

Why rent a wheel chair in Ludhiana?

1. Wheel chair on rent for comfort trial.

Before buying the wheel chair, testing a wheel chair on rent for comfort and usability is  a good idea. It will help you or the patient assess its worthiness before purchase.

2. Wheel chair on rent for short term use

Wheel chair on rent makes more sense if you need it for a short period of time for recovery after an accident, illness or knee surgery.

3. Wheel chair on rent for travel.

While travelling you require the support of a wheel chair to make your journey fun and simpler for you. Renting a wheelchair might be a great idea. You can easily sit down on the wheel chair propelled by an attendant freeing you from all fatigue of walking.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- How to choose wheelchair for yourself? What are the various types of wheelchair?

Ans- Wheelchair are divided into two key type, manual wheelchair and motorised wheelchair.

Manual wheelchair would have two key variants, self propelled wheelchair and attendant propelled wheelchair.

Self propelled manual wheelchair have Large rear wheels. These allow the person in wheelchair to navigate around. These could also be managed by attendant. Small wheel based manual wheelchair can ONLY be navigated with the help of an Attendant. 

Other considerations for manual wheelchair would be around utility like commode wheelchair, reclining wheelchair, compact wheelchair, folding wheelchair, lightweight wheelchair and shower wheelchair. Pls refer to detailed page for manual wheelchair range.

Learn all about our range of motorised wheelchair.

Q- Which wheelchair is right for me?

Ans-  It is important to recognize what your requirements are, in order to get the right wheel chair to help you in your circumstances.

There are a number of factors about yourself to consider including:

Your mobility, Your tolerance, Your body height and weight, Your balance, Your posture. All of the above can be affected by many things including age, tiredness, a medical or physical condition, and medicines.

Q- Which wheelchair to buy in Ludhiana?

Ans- Healthy Jeena Sikho guide can help you determine the right type of wheelchair based on your condition and need.

Q- Do you provide wheel chair in Ludhiana?

Ans- Yes, we provide wheel chair in Ludhiana for both sale and rent. 

Q- How can I customize my wheel chair in Ludhiana?

Ans- You can contact Healthy jeena sikho and we will do the needful customization.

Q- What are Monthly rental rates of Wheelchair?

Ans: Rent of motorised wheelchair is Rs 6000 per month. Rent of manual wheelchair is Rs 1000 per month.

Q- How do I pay for the equipment rental?

Ans- We accept both cash and direct bank transfer.

Manual Wheel Chair:

Q- What are Monthly rental rates for Manual Wheel chair in Ludhiana?

A- Rent of manual wheelchair is Rs 1000 per month.

Commode Wheel Chair:

Q- Where can I get wheelchair with commode on rent in Ludhiana?

Ans- We provide wheelchair with commode on rent - starting from Rs 1500. Commode wheelchair is available on both sale and rent at healthy jeena sikho. 

Motorised Wheel Chair:

Q- What are Monthly rental rates for Motorised Wheel chair in Ludhiana?

Ans-  Rent of motorised wheelchair is Rs 6000 per month.

Q- How much does a Motorised wheelchair cost in Ludhiana?

Ans- Contrary to belief of most people, its quite inexpensive. Cost of motorised wheelchair is Rs 45000 onwards.

Q- Do you provide lightweight electric wheelchair for sale or rent in Ludhiana?

Ans- At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we provide lightweight electric wheelchair for sale and rent both. 

Q- Where to buy power wheelchair rental near me in Ludhiana?

Ans- At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we provide power wheelchair for both rent and sale. 


Q- Are wheelchair joystick interchangeable?

Ans- Yes you can, Healthy Jeena Sikho guide can help you to determine when to change your joystick.

Q- How do I rent Electric wheelchair in Ludhiana?

Ans- Call us on +919876978488 and you can easily rent the chair hustle free and at the best price in the market.

Q- What types of equipment and services does Healthy Jeena Sikho Provide?

Ans- We have a wide range of medical and health equipment which includes Motorised and Manual Wheelchairs, Electrical and Manual Hospital Beds, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP.

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